Catch da taste

So Robbie Alomar has been hit with a $15-million lawsuit.

According to the New York Times, “the suit claims that Alomar, 41, knew or should have known that he was H.I.V. positive and accused him of “gross and wanton negligence” for repeatedly refusing to undergo testing, even as Dall said he developed several symptoms linked to H.I.V. and AIDS.”

So now we’re all going to find out if the greatest Jay yet has AIDS. Yay.

Regardless of the outcome, the timing of this is pretty bad for Jays fans. Do you know who’s on the ballot for the Hall of Fame next year? Do you know how BBWAA voters feel about anybody who has any sort of controversy attached to them?

If you guessed Alomar and disgusted, pat yourself on the back. We, Jays fans, may have just lost our best chance at getting a Jays cap enshrined for a long time (because Doc’s never going to retire, right?)


p.s. If you’re John Hirschbeck, how do you feel right now?

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