And they’re off (sort of)

Dunedin Stadium

Off in the sense that the Jays are playing baseball again, but only sort of in the sense that the outcome of the games don’t actually mean anything yet.

Yesterday being the first of 33 preseason games (35 if you count the games against Team Canada and Team USA) it’s far too early to gain any perspective on the team. All we can really hope is that Brett Cecil giving up a home run on the second pitch of the game doesn’t mess with his head too much.

In other news, and I was going to try to stay away from the circus, but this is too ridiculous to go without a mention:

And when Rodriguez left the ballpark, it was the New York Post’s George King who fingered the getaway man in a car pulling out of the parking lot as being none other than Yuri Sucart, the cousin Rodriguez said purchased steroids and injected them into him.

How stupid.

How A-Rod.

How A-Rod indeed.

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