“Oh, #^$@#&%$@#&”


Poor Russ Adams. You can’t help but have a soft spot for the guy. He tries so hard, but he keeps on screwing up. And he knows it.

The latest post from the excellent Mike Wilner describes Wilner’s trip to a Jays’ ‘B’ game:

Lou Marson (Philly’s catcher of the future) hit a hard grounder to second, right to Russ Adams. Adams fielded it cleanly, turned, and threw it well past shortstop Angel Sanchez at second base.

Another benefit of being so close is that I could clearly hear Adams say “Oh, #^$@#&%$@#&” as he let the ball go. One run scored there, and another when Mike Cervenak followed with a sac fly to the track.

Hopefully some day he’ll get his act together and carve out a spot in the Bigs. And really, if you believe what the Tao (and I do) when he says:

In his only full season with the Jays, Adams played a somewhat underwhelming 139 games in 2005, posting eight homers, 63 RsBI, 11 steals and a .707 OPS. In retrospect, it’s funny to look at those numbers and comapre them to Marco Scutaro’s 2008 (7 HRs, 60 RsBI, 8 SBs and a .697 OPS).

Then it would seem that the defensive lapses (and an incredible bias against him) are the only things holding our pal Rusty back.

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