Dear John

Dear John Tory,

Now that you don’t have a job anymore, please don’t make a trip down to Blue Jays Way proclaiming your desire to be the Jays’ team president.

Sure, you’re about to “leave a party that is in much better shape financially than the essentially insolvent organization” you inherited and yes, in this economy, that’s nothing to be sneezed at. Hell, it might even be a bonus in the eyes of Jays management, but please stay away from the team.

Look, I’m willing to put aside my politcal preferences. I’m even to willing to avoid cheapshots like “why would we want a proven loser running our team? We need to win!”

OK, I guess I didn’t have to spell it out. Sorry about that. But you’re tough — you’d have to be to propose some of the crazy things you did — so I’m sure you can take it.

Anyway, really, it’s nothing personal. I’m sure you’d even do an acceptable job if you were in the post. But listen, things are good right now. Sure, you wouldn’t think that if you just followed what the media and the majority of the fans are saying, but this city seems to, overall, have a real problem being positive. I mean, if the Leafs were to somehow miraculously win the Stanley Cup this year, a good chunk of the city would likely be upset that they won’t get a good draft pick this year.

But I digress.

Look, John, what it boils down to is that we’ve got Paul Beeston at the helm right now. Paul frickin’ Beeston!

Sure, he’s got an interim tag on his presidential title, but it sure seems like he’s in it for the long haul. And that would be a very good thing. Beeston understands money — he’s an accountant by nature — and he learned baseball from Pat Gillick (!) while the two were building world championship teams together.

Need proof that he’s good for the team? The man is putting an emphasis on draft picks — and paying for the good players!

This is getting too long, I know. So John, I guess what I want is say is, even if I don’t agree with you on basically anything, good luck.

And stay the hell away from the Jays.

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