The Sammy Sosa

Because real life has been getting in my way so far this season, I’ve not yet been able to watch a Jays game from beginning to end. In fact, I think I’ve only been able to take in a total of maybe five innings.

On top of that, the happier of the real-life distractions had me out of the country and unable to really stay on top of the goings on at the SkyDome Rogers Centre.

All I can say about the Jays right now is that I hope my return to paying attention doesn’t bring a crashing halt to their early-season success. (And then Doc takes his first loss in the first game I was able to even somewhat pay attention to.)

They say their national sport is baseball

800px-flag_of_the_dominican_republicAs mentioned above, one of the things keeping me out of the loop was of the happy variety. What was this distraction? A trip to the Dominican Republic. I’m not writing about this to brag — in fact I’d prefer that random internet people weren’t aware of my vacation habits — I’m writing because the Dominicans are said to love baseball. Wikipedia even backs up this claim.

Great, I told myself, I’ll be able to check out some high quality baseball played by people who are playing purely for a love of the game.

Did that happen?

Did I even see a baseball diamond?

Of course not. But I did see a lot of people playing basketball.

One night during the trip I was walking around the resort, drinking some sort of concoction featuring 151 and wondering if all the major leaguers from the Dominican weren’t from a different Dominican than the one I was in. As I was pondering this, I walked by a bingo game (they have to entertain the old people, too) where the guy calling numbers, obviously excited about his job, wasn’t calling the numbers, he was calling player jersey numbers.

“This next number is very good Dominican player. Sammy Sosa!” Then after a pause, “Sammy Sosa is number 21.”

I got a little excited when I heard this, so I went to order another drink. Arriving at the bar, I heard someone order a “Sammy Sosa.” I thought I might be going a little crazy, but it kept happening. Turns out that besides being a great power hitter with questionable ethics, Sammy Sosa is also a girl drink.

Sammy Sosa recipe:

Pina Colada layer (with rum)
Blue Curacao and lime layer
Grenadine layer.

Blend each layer with ice. Then when you pour layer on top of layer do it slowly.

If you want to make it even more authentic, I suggest adding a cork.

And that, apart from seeing a local wear a Red Sox cap, was the extent of my exposure to local baseball in the Dominican. It makes me wonder, if all they care about is Sammy Sosa, and nobody actually plays the game, where do all the Dominicans in the majors come from?

Sammy Sosa: Girl-drink drunk?

Sammy Sosa: Girl-drink drunk?

Shout out to Air Canada

Offering Spaceman: A Baseball Odyssey as part of your in-flight entertainment options? Excellent work.

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