Reduce, reuse, recycle

edward-buzacheroOK, so maybe they’re not reducing, but the Jays certainly are reusing and recycling.

The team signed Edward (Bubbie) Buzachero to a minor league deal yesterday and he’ll go play some AA ball in New Hampshire.

Bubbie’s being reused and recycled because he’s been with the Jays before. Drafted in the 23rd round in 2002, Bubbie spent four seasons in the Jays system before heading to the Indians (in the trade that brought Brian Tallet to Toronto) for another three years of farm labour. Over those seven seasons, Bubbie went 25-24 with a 3.47 ERA and a WHIP of 1.301.

Bubbie started this season with Gary Carter’s (yes, that Gary Carter) Long Island Ducks in the Atlantic League. Bubbie is so far the king of small sample sizes, giving up “no runs and just two hits in three and one-third innings of work.”

But no matter, I support any movie that brings in a good nickname like Bubbie. And with the magic the Jays’ pitching coaches have worked on some other castaways, Bubbie might be dominating Major League hitters and battling various injuries before you know it.

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