Free Johnny Mac

“Don’t doubt the Cito.”

April 22. Bottom of the 11th. Game tied 7-7. Two runners on. One out. Kevin Millar coming to the plate. Texas replacing a left-handed reliever with a righty. Lyle Overbay on the bench. Cito, of course, sticks with Millar instead of pinch hitting Overbay.

Bringing Overbay in to face the righty only makes sense. As Mr. Burns once told Darryl Strawberry, “it’s called playing the percentages. It’s what good managers do to win ball games.”

If Mr. Burns gets it, why can’t Cito?

So I took to tweeting my displeasure with Cito’s non-move. “Where’s my Overbay?”

Back in the real world, Millar strode up to the plate, worked the count to 2 and 2 and then drove a gapper to left-centre. Vernon Wells came in to score and the Jays won.

Shortly after the game ended, Jeff Blair dropped the quote at the top of this post: “Don’t doubt the Cito.”

It’s some sage advice. Despite the seemingly incompetent moves Gaston makes on a somewhat regular basis, it’s hard to doubt a man who’s lead his team to the best record (71-47) in baseball since taking over midway through last year. The team is winning and doing it in an entertaining fashion to boot. I’ll take that over agreeing with every decision the manager makes.

john-macdonaldStill, there’s one thing that bothers me: I miss Johnny Mac.

I’m not going to argue that he should be playing over Scutaro. Marco’s been great, and I don’t want that messed with at all.

But I do find it sad to see the best defensive player in the game — the Prime Minister of Defence even — being used as nothing more than a pinch runner.

Unless things change and Johnny Mac starts seeing a bit of playing time — it hurts to say this — I’d like to see him traded in a month or two when teams start making moves.

Surely there’s a National League team (it can’t be AL, seeing perform his magic against the Jays would be painful) that could make good use of someone like the PMOD. His talents are some that deserve to be appreciated. I’m willing to set him free, even if it’s just so I can see the occasional highlight-reel play.

Of course, it would have to be in an actual highlight reel and not down at the Dome, but I’ll take what I can get.

3 thoughts on “Free Johnny Mac

  1. Addendum: If it at some point comes out that Johnny Mac is spending his time on the bench working as a sort of player/coach and is responsible for Scoot’s improved defensive play, this post is null and void. I’m OK with the PMOD riding the pine in that one scenario.

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