Canada’s team again?


I wasn’t at the game last night, so I’ll leave the telling of that story to those who were (check the baseball links on the right).

The above picture did catch my attention though. I know the pre-game video showing at the SkyDome this year likes to claim that the Jays are Canada’s team, but in the last few years it would seem that’s only true based on the fact that the Jays are Canada’s only MLB team.

There was a time (see early 1990s) when the claim was true and people across the country followed every pitch of every game played by your Toronto Blue Jays.

During last night’s game, I was getting texts from friends across Canada. Some guys who drove to Toronto from Nova Scotia — just to see this game before going to Alice Fazooli’s and driving home again — called Wilner last night. Then there’s the guy in the picture at the top of this post.

So is the claim to being Canada’s team slowly starting to be valid again? Is the incredible start to the season winning fans nationwide? Or is A.J. Burnett just that widely loathed?

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