Take a breather

So Wilner was just on the Fan and he said something that concerned me a little: Apparently Scott Downs strained his hamstring yesterday. That leaves Jason Frasor as the only reliable arm in the bullpen right now, and we all know how much Cito likes using him.


But, look, the Jays have the day off. We should, too. We all need a break from this crazy skid. Take the day, relax. Don’t think about it too much. Follow the advice in this video:

Then, when you get up tomorrow, know that this shit is going to end. Wakefield started this slide, Wakefield’s going to end it.

Get pumped to head down the Dome (or follow the game if attending isn’t an option). Get ready to show this team that we still believe.

5 thoughts on “Take a breather

    • I still don’t understand why Frasor wasn’t moved into the closer role when the Beej started shitting the bed. Don’t get me wrong, I love Downs, but I feel like Downs is too valuable to limit his opportunities by making him a closer.

      Maybe with Downs hurt, Frasor can close and when Downs is OK again he can pitch in the most important spots?

      Maybe I’m dreaming?

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