Domer, where are you?

Domer the turtle and BJ Birdy

So the SkyDome turns 20 today and all I can do is wonder what happened to Domer the Turtle. I know Rogers wanted to rebrand everything (why they couldn’t call it the Rogers SkyDome, I’ll never understand) but Domer seems to have almost completely disappeared.

Save for a few brief mentions on random websites (like this one dedicated to another former mascot from which I stole the above the above picture) and one brief appearance at a game earlier this year in hand puppet form (that nice usher lady — you know the one, “When I say Vernon, you say hit!” — never disappoints) it’s almost like the dude in a half shell doesn’t exist anymore.

Does anybody out there know anything about Domer except that he was formerly the stadium’s mascot?

One more thing

I lied when I said Domer was the only thing I could think about. I can also read (and think about!) this great article Sports Illustrated put together when the Dome opened. Worth a read if even just to laugh at the “stadium of the future!” claims and the great alternate suggestions as to what the stadium should be named: Dome Perignon, Pierre Trudome, Home-T-Dome-T and the Michael J. Fox Dome.

11 thoughts on “Domer, where are you?

  1. I loved Domer, he was a great mascot. Though I think there was a little competition between him and BJ Birdy. Now they’re both up in Mascot Heaven – at least we still have the memories!

  2. So, I’m anchoring the afternoon news here in Halifax … and we tease a preview of tonight’s Jays game … and the sports guy pulls out a Domer reference … wondering what ever happened to him.

    Found some Domer plush on ebay, but your site is the closest thing to having an answer, despite bringing up more questions.

    • Glad I could help the guys in my old town. If I remember correctly, you’re at News 95.7, and if I’m right about that, it’s your owners who killed Domer!

  3. Domer anyone? I attended the Skydome opening ceremonies with pride.. can’t believe it was 20 years ago! I have one of the Domer hand puppets and would be pleased to give it to anyone who collects this type of memorbilia.

    • Hi there.
      I am looking for a domer puppet, it has actually become the favourite toy of my son. He has slept with domer since he was 1 year old (he is 4 now). Unfortunately, our domer isn’t doing too well and is missing some stuffing. We have sewn a new tongue on him, but I think he has had it. I don’t know if you are interested in selling it to us? My son brings domer everywhere (planes, go train etc.)
      people frequently say “hey that is domer, I know him”. Thanks

      • Hi Lana,
        Apologies for not responding sooner, I’ve been away. If you’re willing to buy, does $20 seem reasonable? Only thing is, it may not be what you’re looking for as my Domer doesn’t have a tongue, never did. I believe there may have been later copies made which had tongues but mine is an original from Opening Day and in excellent condition. I’m in downtown Toronto if you’re still interested and live anywhere near.

  4. My household has a Domer puppet, we bought him for $1.99 last season at the Dome. (Never the Rogers Centre to me!)

    And yes, why couldn’t it be the Rogers SkyDome? (Didn’t someone win a contest to name it? I wonder if their feelings were hurt.)

    Poor Domer. He couldn’t be any worse than Ace. (And clearly no worse than Diamond, who has disappeared from the games entirely!)

  5. I had a Domer hand puppet. I was in my early teens when *SkyDome* opened, but I was in Sick Kids at the time, and they were handing them out to patients, so I accepted one. I wish I knew where it was now.

  6. They are selling the Domer’s at a booksale Clearance type store located next to the Dollarama in Bracebridge, ON off 118. They are only $3.00 still in packages. I don’t think the person working there even knew they were the original Domer’s from opening day of the SkyDome.I remembered them cause my brother had one. I just bought one for my son.

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