Off-day thoughts

I haven’t posted in a while because, well, I’ve been lazy. But also because I haven’t really had anything to really add to the discussion. So here are some thoughts I’ve been sitting on:

• Friday night, I watched Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final instead of the Jays game. I felt conflicted about this, but the thought of watching Sidney Crosby win his first Cup won out. (Have a soft spot for fellow Nova Scotians.)

Anyway, I’m glad I made the choice I did. Not only did I get to see Crosby win, I didn’t have to watch Doc Halladay get injured. I ended up having a good night instead of the agonizing night I’d have had down at the Home-T-Dome-T.

• Looking at my stats the other day, someone happened upon this site by searching the terms “interleague play sucks shit”. It’s true. Interleague play does suck shit, especially since the freaking Florida Marlins just swept our Jays and are now 17-4 all time against the Torontos.

• Other than the fact that the Jays might need him in the rotation until Doc gets back at the very least, if I make another post arguing that Casey Janssen might be better used out of the bullpen, will people still disagree with me?

• A recent Sports Illustrated briefly mentioned that David Ortiz’s struggles may have something to do with a hand injury he suffered last year. We all know Lyle Overbay struggled for quite a while after his hand injury. What are the chances that Vernon Wells’ struggles are linked to the broken wrist he suffered last year?

• I wonder how many times A.J. Burnett pulled a stunt like this in Toronto only to have the nice media here look the other way.

• Here’s an interesting interview The Cito gave on June 10 in which he talks about why there’s no need to change the lineup. He then changed the lineup on June 12.

• And the blog roll grows! Look to the left and you’ll see that John MacDonald’s Cabinet and the Te of Inglett have joined the shortlist. Check them out!

• I know the Drunks already posted what’s below, but I want to get it up here, even if it’s just for me. Catch the taste!

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