Blue Jays vs…. Blue Jays??


This may be old news to everyone but me, but the Phillies apparently had a Blue Jay as their logo back in the 40s. Random.

Wikipedia has this to say:

The new owner, Bob Carpenter, Jr., tried to polish the team’s image by unofficially changing the name to the “Blue Jays”; however, the new moniker did not take, and it was quietly dropped by 1949.

Here’s hoping Rookie Romero shuts down the Philadelphia Blue Jays tonight and the Toronto Blue Jays rough up Cole Hamels real good.

1 thought on “Blue Jays vs…. Blue Jays??

  1. sorry, some amendments:too tired > very tiirrtheedselves > themselvesstart to fighting > start fightingyou have wrote > you have writtenhope there’s no any other grammatical mistakes. *embarrassed*(chatterbox me XD)

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