Are boos the new cheers?


Been gone for a good time, not a long time. But now I’m back. Feeling a bit rusty, so bear with me (or not) as I expell things in point form…

• Was out of town last weekend and not paying attention. You know what’s a pretty shocking way to start paying attention again? Seeing Rusty Adams step into the batter’s box. That was (I think) Sunday, and it was literally the first Jays-related thing I saw in a few days. I had a little trouble believing what was happening.

Good for Rusty to get another chance, but too bad Voodoo Joe Inglett had to get sent down. Sure, he was producing very well, but what can you expect from a guy who’d only had limited AAA-experience so far this year and then was called up to the Bigs as soon as he came off the DL? People usually go down after a stint on the DL, not the other way around.

• Vernon (Boo) Wells appears to be fixed and that’s great news. Honeslty though, I don’t know if I’m happier that he’s hitting again or that he know has the best nickname on the team.

• The second half of the Tao’s post on Boo Wells asks an interesting question: Who’s your favourite rookie pitcher on the Jays? I like them all, but anybody who’s followed this blog knows that unequivocally, my favourite is Captain Canada, Scott (Kool-aid) Richmond.

Dude just continues to impress no matter how often he gets demoted to the bullpen and people seemingly give up on him. He’s got great stuff and great character. I hope he’s in the rotation for good now.

• There are no words left to describe Scott Rolen’s greatness. If you’ve seen any of the stellar defensive plays he’s rolled off lately, you know what I’m talking about.

• Speaking of Rolen, it’s interesting that both he and Rod Barajas seemed to feed off the incredibly negative treatment from the fans in Philly. Take that, combine it with Wells’ new nickname and we seem to have a bit of a theme going with this team. Are boos the new cheers?

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