Mid-season slump

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ve probably noticed that I, much like your Toronto Blue Jays, am mired in a bit of a mid-season slump.

I don’t really have any explanation for this, except that it seems to happen to me every summer. I spend the off-season, spring training and first third or so of the season obsessed with everything Blue Jays and then, as the season nears the midway point, my interest starts to wane. It’s like a hitter going into a slump.

I want to break out of it. I keep following the team. I keep going to games. I do it all, but something’s just not right.

It might be the heat of summer that does it to me.

It might be great play(s) by the Jays’ opponents that get me down (Werth’s 500-level bomb certainly seemed to do a bit of a number on the entire crowd at Dome last weekend.)

It might the fact that the Jays are something like 14-24 in their last 38. (Being in a slump like this makes it hard to do research.)

I need something to break me out of this funk.

4 thoughts on “Mid-season slump

  1. I feel your pain. I almost went to the local Canada Day drinkfest/shitty concert downtown instead of watching today’s game.

  2. You’ve gotta get yourself excited about life somehow, and then just go with it, and it doesn’t matter what you’re doing because everything’s exciting!

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