An idea (not researched)

100 m.p.h.-fastball-throwing left-hander Aroldis Chapman

100 m.p.h.-fastball-throwing left-hander Aroldis Chapman

It’s no secret that Cubans are some of the best baseball players in the world. They live the sport. If the U.S. government didn’t hate Fidel Castro, Cubans would probably rule MLB.

Considering the talent and the political intrigue involved, it’s no surprise it’s big news when a player like Aroldis Chapman defects. (A lefty who touches 100 m.p.h.!)

My thought: The Cuban and Canadian governments get along pretty well. People can travel between countries without hassle and Cubans can move to Canada without, I’m told, any more effort than people who move from other countries. If all of this is true, shouldn’t it give the Jays an extreme advantage?

Does MLB have rules against the Jays courting Cuban players, or are the Jays just not tapping the gold mine that they have by far the easiest access to?

4 thoughts on “An idea (not researched)

  1. Great question! You should ask Bart Given on his site.

    Developing young players would be impossible, because the Jays don’t have a Canadian farm club anymore. Foreign minor leaguers in the US need a visa.

    If the player was major league ready, I bet US immigration would make their border crossings miserable, if they let them in at all. (As an aside question, I’d be curious if teams get some sort of advance clearance when they’re crossing the border.)

    The probable answer is that it would just be too UNAMERICAN to scout Cubans. (rolling eyes)

    • Those are some good points you raise (especially, I think, about US immigration.) I hope Bart gets back to me soon, he should know the answer to this one!

      And if the Jays aren’t doing this because it would be UNAMERICAN (shudder), the Beeston needs to smack J.P. around for a while.

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