The new stopper

Ricky Romero

Scott Richmond’s on the DL.

The Jays game yesterday was one of the most painful things I’ve witnessed in a long time. Three-and-a-half hours to play 5 innings? Absurd.

Whether it’s because of his groin or the rdiculous short porch at the new Yankee stadium, Doc’s nto back to being himself yet.

The Jays are 2-7 in their last 9.

Drew (the Barber) is getting attacked by snakes.

It’s not easy being a Jays fan right now.

Even Aaron Hill and Doc Halladay going to the All-Star Game isn’t doing much for me. Sure, it’s nice, but it’s hard to get excited about a completely meaningless game.

The two things that are keeping me going right now are the excellent top half of the order (can Scutaro, Hill, Lind, Rolen and Overbay be the new WAMCO?) and the awesome that is RR Cool J.

Those two two wins in the Jays’ last 9 I mentioned above? Yep, Rookie Romero won both those games.

Pitching today and ready to knock out the Yanks? Yep, it’s Ricky.

The Bronx is going to wake up sometime tomorrow with a headache and blurry vision thinking “what the hell happened?” Eventually it’ll stumble upon a newspaper or a YES highlight or something and only then will it remember the beating the RR Cool J layed upon it.

Yep, I’m ready for Rookie to be a stopper. I think he is, too.

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