Marcum sighting!

Marcum Blue Jays Baseball

Shaun Marcum’s finished the Dunedin portion of his rehab! The surprisingly low-quality AP photo above is proof he’s back in action! Apparently he gave up two runs over six innings in two appearances and next will help get Jays fans through the end of the All-Star break because he’s headed to Double-A New Hampshire and is scheduled to pitch on Thursday.

One man’s trash…

The Cubs are allegedly interested in B.J. Ryan. I’m conflicted. I want him to fail because I don’t want the Jays to be paying for another team’s awesome (or even passable), but he’s still B.J. and, well…

Nah. Screw him. If he turned down a minor league assignment from the Jays, even after saying he wanted to reinvent himself as a pitcher, he deserves to fail. Have fun, Cubs fans.

5 thoughts on “Marcum sighting!

  1. I remember when looking at the AL East standings this year made me smile and I would literally just open the standings page – knowing full well the records and numbers – just to look at it and smile and rejoice in what I was seeing.

    These days, I try to stay away from those standings.

  2. Also, I’m surprised you’re so slow on the trigger on this Clem. I thought as soon as Marcum pitched you would have been all over it.

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