An idea regarding Vernon Wells


I know Vernon Wells probably wouldn’t go for this, but maybe J.P. Ricciardi should try to renegotiate VW’s contract.

He knows he’s playing horribly (see his reaction to being moved down in the order) that much is public. Here are some assumptions I’m making:

  • He must know that his ridiculous contract is going to hurt the team’s ability to compete in the future.
  • He must also know that his low level of play, if he keeps it up, will affect his ability to get another good contract after this one.
  • Even if he turns his game around, if there aren’t players on the team to get on base in front of him then he’s not going to rack up the RBI necessary to get another monster contract.
  • If Halladay (or other players) leave because the team can’t afford them, VW will bear the wrath of fans and media even more so than he already does.
  • He, like all players, wants to win.

If I’m J.P., I approach Wells and say something like “this contract is going to be your last big one unless something crazy happens and if it doesn’t, it may possibly be your last contract period.”

Then I’d offer him a four-year extension on the contract he has at, say, $2 million per year. The catch is that I’d change the payment schedule.

The Jays already owe VW $98.5 million over the next five seasons (not including the $8.5M signing bonus due next March) the real problem is that he’ll make over $20M in each of the final four seasons.

I’d add $8M to that total, extend him four years and pay him the average of the value of this new contract every year. Signing bonus payment can stay right where it is.

Sure, this plan means we’d be paying a 40-year-old Vernon almost $12M in 2018, but we’d also only be paying Vernon that amount in 2011, a year in which he’s scheduled to make $23M. That $11M might buy us a nice player (or allow us to keep a certain someone around).

Yes, I know I used “we” and “us” throughout the post, but remember that I’m pretending to be J.P. here.

14 thoughts on “An idea regarding Vernon Wells

  1. I like where you’re coming from here but under no circumstances should Vernon Wells be asked to restructure his deal.

    It won’t make a lick of a difference and it just doesn’t work that way. There are no mulligans, especially if you’re playing alternate shot. You can’t ask your partner to retake his approach shot until he holes out because you snapped your putter on the previous hole.

    /mixed metaphor

    • I like to think this would be more like shooting three horrible rounds, catching fire in the fourth, knowing that if it goes five you might have a chance at winning and somehow convincing the organizers to extend the tournament into Monday.

  2. so big deal instead of everyone bitching at him now they’d be bitching at him in 2016-2018… besides which he probably doesn’t want to play till he’s 40, so he would be giving up quite a bit of money to do this.

    Your whole premise is insane. This being likely his last/only big contract so he should renegotiate to make less money?

    • Obviously you skimmed. This idea would give Vernon more money than he’s making now, just spread out over a longer period so the individual yearly payroll hits would be less. If that’s insane, start sizing me for a straitjacket.

      • it’s insane because he would have to play until he’s 40 to not lose 4 million on the deal. There is no way in hell he’d sign that.

        • Easy fix: Guarantee him the money, even if he retires. Shouldn’t be a problem for the Jays since they seem to love paying players who don’t play for them.

          Also, thanks for flipping and calling me insane about a hypothetical that I preface with
          “I know Vernon Wells probably wouldn’t go for this.” Think before you post crazy comments like yours.

          • I called the premise and idea insane, not you. I just think you want something bad enough to ignore that it’s insane.

            It’s a little better with guaranteeing it for him but it’s still insane because he only makes money on it if his next contract would be less than 8 million total value. With inflation I think that’s almost impossible. VW would have to -know- he was completely done as a player to take that deal, and in that case he should probably just be released and they can get a bank to loan them the 11M/year at better terms than that restructuring.

            • You’re right, and you make a good point about releasing him almost being a better option than the restructuring.

              And I’ve come to realize that, no matter how much I dislike seeing Vernon take the field for the Jays, this isn’t really about him anyway. This was just a lame ploy to try to free up money to keep Halladay around.

  3. I guess the best hopes of the Jays “restructuring” V-Dub’s contract is if he is packaged in a trade along with Halladay.

    It might be a counter-productive move, but then the Jays wouldn’t be on the hook to pay Wells close to $100 million over the next 5 seasons.

    • Foolish as it may be, I’m still hoping Halladay doesn’t get traded. And even if he does, I really hope VW doesn’t get packaged. Hearing Beeston on PTS today raised my hopes a little, especially when he didn’t refute Bobcat’s claim that the Jays may be willing to match Boston’s payroll.

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