Stupid thing that’s a bit too long for Twitter (or my name for Scutaro)



Few weeks ago I was at the horrible game against the Phillies in which Jayson Werth hit the 500-level bomb. It was an awful game with no redeeming qualities.

But something fun did come out of that day: My new name for Marco Scutaro.

It was one of those Jr. Jays days when they let a kid announce the lineups in the 3rd inning. The kid chosen on this particular day had a real hard time pronouncing the names of the players (Rall Chaves, etc…)

He hit his stride when John McDonald came to bat — “Now batting, Johnny Mac!” — but the next batter gave him fits as well.

“Now batting, Marco… Ss… Marco…” he took a long pause and looked off to his left for some help before coming back with the classic, “now batting, Marco Stroodles!”

I could be crazy, but it really looked to me like Marco got a kick out of that. So did I. And with that, Marco’s new nickname, at least in my head, was born.

I’m happy to have a guy on the team I can call Stroodles, and I hope J.P. doesn’t take that away from me any time soon.

5 thoughts on “Stupid thing that’s a bit too long for Twitter (or my name for Scutaro)

  1. While I certainly knew what you meant when you kept shouting “Stroodles!” at the Dome last week, you were getting some awfully funny looks from the people around us…

  2. Marco Stroodles! I love it. Only a kid could come up with that. I hope his classmates haunt him with that for the rest of his life.

  3. Tulo been nursing a groin ijnury perhaps that explains his slump and why people are saying he’s lost his range, still he has hit safely in 15 of the last 17 games fighting in his at bats whilst trying to find his swing. I like the way we have played today much better team effort, perhaps the behind close door team meeting today by tracy has sparked something lets get back to 500. its still a long seasonVA:F [1.9.17_1161](from 0 votes)

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