Everybody wins (except J.P.)

Alex RiosShipping Alex Rios to the Chicago White Sox in exchange for nothing is a win-win for both teams and, potentially, Rios himself.

The Jays are getting salary relief which, combined with the money saved on the Scott Rolen trade, could be used to significantly improve the team next year (I’m going to assume the Jays’ budget won’t be shrunk until and unless Rogers says otherwise.)

The White Sox get a fantastic defensive centrefielder who’s actually performing better at the plate than most give him credit for and they lose nothing in the process.

As for Rios, he’s not doing so badly, but the general consensus is that he “just doesn’t get it.” Maybe being traded for less than a bag of balls will wake him. If it doesn’t, Ozzie Guillen will be sure to wake him up. And if Rios does wake up, the ChiSox may have just pulled off one of the best heists in a long time.

So who’s the loser here? Why, it’s J.P. Ricciardi, of course.

Not that dumping Rios’ contract was necessarily a bad thing, but J.P. botched this situation before the trade deadline.

“We’ve been in trade discussion with Toronto before the deadline to try to get this guy,” Williams explained of how the whole thing came together. “And the way the waiver claim was made was to A: hopefully resurrect talks. B: in the event someone else claimed him, we didn’t want him going elsewhere because we targeted him not only as a guy who not only would help us in our quest for the division but future seasons as well.”

Chicago wanted Rios.

Chicago was willing to trade something for Rios before the deadline.

And J.P. got nothing except salary relief. Which is good, but it wouldn’ve been nice to get a little more.

3 thoughts on “Everybody wins (except J.P.)

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  2. Sure, this may have worked out OK for Ricciardi, Rios and Williams… but did you forget about the other entity in this transaction? The poor, innocent nothing? Don’t you care how the nothing feels? Maybe nothing didn’t want to move to Canada.

    • I’ll have you know that said nothing has a name, Squizz, and it’s Financial Flexibility. Given the fact the only comment Mr. Flexibility has ever been heard to make is “cash is king,” it’s hard to tell how he feels about anything. Well, except cash, I guess.

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