You only notice editors when they screw up

I’ve returned from some time spent visiting old friends in Montreal (smoked meat and poutine both asked me to tell you that they love and miss you) and I must say it was very nice to have a break from the Blue Jays.

Especially since Kevin (He Should Be Parking Cars Somewhere) Millar apparently spent some more time in the cleanup spot. But that’s no surprise.

I’m just going to pretend Doc didn’t one-hit the Yankees while I wasn’t paying attention.

What was a surprise was what I found when I went to catch up on some old Sports Illustrated:

Jon Lester of the Blue Jays

Isn't that a fun anagram for Caster Semenya?

Jon Lester’s a Blue Jay!

I know it’s just an error that slipped past the SI copy editor, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t get a little bit excited at the thought of the Jays getting their hands on Lester. Damn you, SI for Getting my hopes up.

3 thoughts on “You only notice editors when they screw up

    • It’s from their “it’s been a good for/bad week for” thing. Apparently it was a good week for AC/DC because some ridiculous percentage of NASCAR driver chose Thunderstruck as their entrance music or something. I imagine that’s why those clever SI folk called it “dumbstruck pitchers.”

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