Twins win beautiful game


After suffering through the Jays’ season, last night’s AL Central tiebreaker is exactly what I needed. It was easily the best baseball game I have seen in a long, long time. People call soccer the beautiful game, but it doesn’t hold a candle to playoff baseball.

Here are a couple of quotes I’m ripping from facebook that describe my feelings from last night exactly:

I would have suffered several nervous break downs if I had to watch the Jays play a game of this magnitude to get into the playoffs.

thanks, Twins and Tigers, for reminding me that baseball doesn’t have to be about mind-numbing frustration.

The authors of those quotes do visit this site, they can claim them in the comments section if they wish.

5 thoughts on “Twins win beautiful game

  1. Guy, let’s not have this break down into a sport v. sport battle, hmm? Let’s just enjoy the game for what it was — as I said, a reminder that baseball doesn’t have to be about mind-numbing frustration.

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  2. It was me who had the quote about the nervous breakdowns and .. it was true.

    Man, that game would have driven me crazy as a fan of any of those two teams.

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