Aroldis Chapman update: Jays interested?

Aroldis ChapmanIt seems like a bit of a stretch that he’ll end up here in Toronto, but MLBtraderumors is reporting that the Blue Jays are involved in the Aroldis Chapman sweepstakes.

With every sign pointing toward Chapman getting a contract in the $40-$60 million range, the Jays’ involvement, if true, bodes well for an increased team payroll in the years to come. The problem though is that, as the above link indicates, Toronto is far from the only team involved in the bidding for the young Cuban’s services. The more teams involved, the higher the price goes and the higher the price goes, the more likely it is that Chapman will end up with the Yankees.

But what if there’s more to Chapman than chasing dollar signs?

What if he wants to be the best pitcher he can be?

What if his agent really does have his best interests in mind?

Why would Chapman want to come to Toronto?

By most accounts, Chapman is an incomplete pitcher. He’s got a fastball that can touch 102 m.p.h., but not much else. If Chapman is serious about wanting to be the “best pitcher in the world,” maybe he should come to Toronto and learn from the man who is the best pitcher in the world right now — Roy Halladay. And the fact that Brad Arnsberg can seemingly work miracles with pitchers of much less talent than Chapman shouldn’t hurt either.

I know it’s a stretch, but wouldn’t it be great to see this guy in a Jays’ uniform?

3 thoughts on “Aroldis Chapman update: Jays interested?

  1. With the team’s luck if they did sign him he’d probably be a bust for a few years, get booed out of town, then sign somewhere in the National League, ‘figure it out’ and win multiple Cy Youngs a la Chris Carpenter and Esteban Loaiza post their stints in Toronto.

    No, I’m not bitter.

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