It looks like The Plan is going to affect Doctor Moose

I listened to Jays’ GM Alex Anthopoulos explain the plan for the team (you can listen here if you’re so inclined) and here’s what I took from it: The man can talk. And I don’t mean in the he-gives-long-answers-to-simple-questions way (even though he does).

No, I mean he can talk in the isn’t-this-pile-of-crap-awesome way and be convincing about it.

Listening to him explain The Plan, I felt excited. Thinking back on what he said, I’m not so excited.

I won’t go into a full recap of The Plan, as others have already done a great of it — check the Jays links to the right if you’re interested — but there are two main points I want to address:

1. The team is going to suck for a while longer.
2. Roy Halladay is going to be shipped out of town.

By themselves, neither of these points would make me very happy; together, I think I can live with them.

If Anthopoulos is resigned to the fact that Doc’s “timetable for winning is different” than the team’s, he’s not going to let Doc walk as a free agent. Anthopoulos is going to have to trade him. While that will be painful for myself and every Jays fan, it will be good, for fans at least, in both the long and the short-term.

In the long-term, the return Toronto gets from trading Doc should mean that the team will complete its “building” phase and be competitive again much quicker. In the short-term, trading Doc will give Blue Jays fans something to cheer for while the Jays are rebuilding.

I’d prefer it if Halladay didn’t go to the Yankees or the Red Sox, but even if he does, I’ll be hoping for him to win. Doc is the best pitcher in the game and has given everything he’s got to Toronto for, let’s be honest, longer than the team has deserved. The man deserves to play for a winner.

5 thoughts on “It looks like The Plan is going to affect Doctor Moose

  1. You’ve got to stop this calling of Doc as a moose, or the moose, or whatever.

    The Moose is Mussina and Doc >>>> Mussina. They shouldn’t be considered in the same breath!

    • I had not even considered that, Cole. I’m putting a moratorium on the whole moose thing — even for Mussina. If he comes up, I’ll just call him an ass.

      • Play nice? Here’s is the definition of plynaig nice that other coaches would like:Bobby Gonzalez and SHU should remain a BIG EAST bottom feeder now and at least until they retire. It has been preordained by God and certain elite that the order of the world is that certain coaches have to get the best recruits and BG and SHU cannot. If BG understands that, they it will be deemed that he’s plynaig nice.Well, I say, F THAT!!! It’s obvious that BG should not play nice. He needs to get in the ring and hit somebody over the head with a steel chair if that what it takes to get his message across. And what’s the message? This is it:BG and SHU have just as much a right to go for top players as anybody else. And there better not be one standard for the elite and different standard for BG.

    • Hill curried a lot of favor with the Hurleys when RU pleayd [and lost to] St. Peter’s at the refurbished Jersey City Armory last November. The Armory is run by the Jersey City Recreation Department. Guess who is in charge of the Rec Dept.? Bob Hurley.SHU had a chance to play that re-opening’ game but hemmed and hawed and ultimately decided not to play St. Peter’s there until the 08-09 season.

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