Alex Gonzalez? *facepalm*

When the Blue Jays signed John McDonald to a two-year deal yesterday, there was a lot of consternation among Jays fans. Sure people were happy to have a fan favourite back, but you can’t expect to win with an all-glove no-bat shortstop in a lineup that has trouble producing the runs needed to win, can you?

Well, no need to worry! Alex Anthopoulos had no intention of The Prime Minister of Defence being the team’s starting shortstop. No, as every Toronto fan’s favourite reporter tells us, AA had another all-glove, no-bat shortstop in mind for the starter’s job.

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2010 Toronto Blue Jays shortstop, Alex Gonzalez!

To be fair to Gonzalez, he does have a pretty good glove. Fan Graphs has him ranked eighth in the majors in UZR and fifth in UZR/150 among shortstops. And he did hit for .284/.316/.453 in 44 games after joining Boston last year, but he can’t be expected to keep that pace up. Especially since he’s averaged .247/.294/.395 over his career.

Call me crazy, but I just don’t see what Gonzalez offers that Johnny Mac doesn’t.

UPDATE: MLBastian is filtering the details of the Gonzalez signing as he gets them. Definitely worth following if you’re not already. Apparently the deal is one year with a club option. Gonzalez will make $2.75 million in 2010 and stands to make $2.5M in 2011.

5 thoughts on “Alex Gonzalez? *facepalm*

  1. Gonzalez adds the fact that he is a second person who plays shortstop. John MacDonald can’t/wasn’t going to play 162 games every year and it’s obvious Scutaro isn’t coming back, so the team needed a second shortstop. Seems pretty standard to me.

    Would be pretty dumb to make a ‘splash’ by going after Cabrera or Tejada and losing draft picks, so this move makes sense… In line, unfortunately so, with ‘Tank Nation’ as described by DJF.

  2. First of all, I don’t really think any team is ever going to openly admit to being in ‘tank nation’ mode… Gonzalez is an overall upgrade, no matter how you look at it and you can’t just assume McCoy can even hold down a roster spot…. Signing another SS was pretty much a must … What would happen if in your scenario Mac or McCoy got injured?

    Jose Bautista at SS? Russ Adams call up from AAA? It was be a disaster.

    • You make good points, but I still don’t understand why a “building” team would want to go ahead with two aging shortstops who can’t hit. Either bring in someone who can hit and hope that Cito has the good sense to use Mac as a defensive sub or make a move to bring in a younger guy who can they can “build” with.

      • That’s why they are saying the Jays are looking for a SS prospect in any Halladay deal.

        I’d look for that ‘building’ piece to come there.

        The only two SS’s who can hit would have cost far too much to be useful long-term and I don’t really think there are a lot of young, talented SS spects that teams around that teams are looking to give away for cheap.

        Lastly, I just realized I wrote “It was be a disaster” in my last post. Cole write good :)

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