Don’t make Doc the new Sundin

What’s the difference between Roy Halladay and Mats Sundin?

Doc wants to win.

(Sorry, eyebleaf, I know Mats wanted to win, too, but stick with me.)

At the top of their professions, both guys were stuck on mediocre Toronto-based teams. Both guys were coveted by basically every team in their leagues. Both guys had no-trade clauses. Both guys seemingly wanted to finish their careers in Toronto. Both guys were subjects of hysterical trade rumours. Neither guy wanted any part of the media circus. And now, with the latest out of Doc’s camp, neither player is willing to be a rental during the last year of their contract.

If you can believe Doc’s agent, Halladay will approve a trade during the off-season. But if he starts spring training as a Blue Jay, he’ll end the season as a Blue Jay.

That, as ESPN’s Buster Olney says in the link above, means the Jays will only get two draft picks in compensation instead of whatever haul a trade would bring in. He also says it’s now “less than 50-50” that a trade will happen in the off-season because Doc’s contract expires after 2010. Guess he hasn’t heard that the Jays are allowing a window for potential trade partners to negotiate an extension.

Personally, I hope Anthopoulos gets a deal done ASAP. Doc will get a chance to win and the Jays will get something more than draft picks in return. I’ll miss Doc, and it would be cool to see him carve up Toronto’s opponents for one more year, but he deserves better than the idiocy Sundin had to deal with during his last year in Toronto.

Link Dump

• Griffin sets the record straight on what went down last season in regards to Doc and how Ricciardi didn’t botch the trade talks.

• No surprise here, but A.J. wants his bestest bud in the whole world to join him in New York.

• Think this Halladay situation is bad? Imagine you’re a Twins fan. Not only is Mauer arguably the most valuable player in all of baseball, he’s from the Twin Cities.

• Matt Stairs now has a street named after him in his hometown of Fredericton, N.B.  The street is right outside Royals Field, where Stairs got his start with the Fredericton Royals of the New Brunswick Senior Baseball League.

• As Bud Selig gets ready to step down, Federal Baseball says good riddance. And they’re right. The way he treated the Expos was disgraceful.

6 thoughts on “Don’t make Doc the new Sundin

  1. This is weird, but I always read “eyebleaf” as “Eye Bleaf” as opposed to how it is obviously supposed to be – a variation of I believe/IBeLeaf etc etc.

    Anyway, that’s all I’ve really got to say.

    Oh that and I have been trying to interview Stairs for a story in my magazine for next week but the people at Fredericton city hall for some reason aren’t returning my calls and the Fredericton paper’s sports department hasn’t gotten back to me yet.

    Bummer, I want to ask him multiple questions about owning Broxton.

    • The twerps in Fredericton are probably making jokes about “Monkey Town” instead of calling you back. Twerps.

      Let me know if you do get in touch with Stairs. I will be incredibly jealous.

  2. Chris, I’ve pondered about the very same comparison between Sundin/Halladay. If I remember correctly, close to the end of his contract the city of Toronto resented Sundin for not waiving his no-trade clause. I don’t see the same thing happening with Halladay, but if the Jays don’t trade him this winter, I’m afraid some fans might turn on Doc and accuse him of being selfish.

    • I can totally see the Jays Talk Callers ripping into Halladay every chance they get.

      With Sundin it was “why won’t he go and help improve the team for the future?” With Halladay it’ll be “if he liked it here so much, why does he want out? Traitor!” Or something like that.

      Leafs fans (same people who are the Jays Talk Callers I refer to — and who start Leafs chants at Jays games) will take any chance they can to complain.

  3. If Jays Talk callers try to pile on Halladay I will rip my eyes out. Dude has avoided free agency twice to resign with this club, loyal to a fault and it’s quite obvious it’s not going to happen for him here anytime too soon.

    The good thing is, if Jays Talk callers try to rip into him, I’m pretty sure Wilner will be right there to put them in line as he usually is. Wilner is my boy.

    In other news, I actually don’t think Jays Talk callers will rip into him. Very few Jays have reached ‘can do no wrong’ status with the fanbase (Halladay, Delgado, Reed Johnson, oddly enough) and I think that might keep him safe from undue criticism.

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