Fact: Voting makes you feel good.

Hello everyone. Occasional contributor Squizz here, just poking my head in on the baseball side of things for some shameless promotion of one of my other projects, a little site called Some Canadian Guys Writing About Soccer. We’ve been nominated in the sports category in the 2009 Canadian Blog Awards, and we’d love your votes!

I’m sure that Chris, who usually holds down the fort here at Infield Fly, would attest to the awesomeness of said blog and its three contributors (he’d better, or we’ll deprive him of his status as a lovable 15-foot-tall cartoon bear).

Yes, there are baseball favourites on the ballot too — the drunks, Tao and Sports and the City among them —  but fear not! You can vote for them and Some Canadian Guys! It’s a ranking system, where you rank as many (or as few) choices as you like.

So while you’re over there voting for your actual favourites, be a pal and show some love to Some Canadian Guys too, won’t you? Thanks.

(By the way, Chris, this counts as my “one post every two months”. You’re welcome.)

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