Finally, some Jays news from Indy

Until this morning, the most interesting bit of Blue Jays news coming out of MLB’s Winter Meetings in Indianapolis was that GM Alex Anthopoulos was being a hardass regarding the Roy Halladay trade talks. Refusing to reveal his location, making other GMs come to him, being afraid of what germs can do? All AA needs to do now is grow a beard and we’ll have our very own Howard Hughes running the team.

Anyway, I got sidetracked. There is news! Apparently the Jays have either signed or not signed Joey Gathright. I find this news exciting because it gives me an excuse to post this video:

So basically Gathright is Evil Knievel without the bike or jumpsuit. (Too bad about the jumpsuit.)

He’s also a very fast man who is pretty solid in centrefield. I’m no expert on UZR, but it seems to me that Gathright’s career UZR of 17.4 in CF is just a little bit better than Vernon Wells’s -40.3.

So maybe, if this signing turns out to be truth, Wells will be moving out of centre? A man can dream.

2 thoughts on “Finally, some Jays news from Indy

  1. Anon, McCoy will probably be deecnt if he makes the cut. He already has the Cito stamp of approval, so that almost guarantees a spot on the roster. Just think of him as the modern day Joe Inglett, but faster.Chris, I came across that video during my travels in research for this post. Vince and his subtle humour.

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