Shaun Marcum signs, fan club rejoices

OK, so maybe the second part of the post title is a little bit of an exaggeration. The Shaun Marcum Fan Club is kind of quiet. But what can you expect when the dude’s missed an entire year?

Anyway, if there’s anybody left kicking around that group, you can bet they’re happy today. Shaun Marcum has signed! While it may be a little early to crown him as the Blue Jays’ new No. 1 pitcher, the move is one that fans should be happy with.

During his last full(ish) season with the Jays, North of Steeles was good for north of six innings per start and held opponents to a WHIP of 1.163 during those 25 starts.

While there seems to be a small movement to hand Marcum the opening day start, I don’t think he needs that kind of pressure this year. If I’m running the team, I slot Marcum into the middle of the rotation and let him work his back up to the top. He’s got the talent to do it.

2 thoughts on “Shaun Marcum signs, fan club rejoices

  1. So instead heap that pressure on who?

    Sophmore’s Romero, Cecil or R-Zep?

    Make a mockery of the Jays by having Captain Canada Richmond as a number 1 starter?

    Really now, let’s be serious here. It’s not optimal, but Marcum needs to be the opening day starter. The future is now.

    • You raise a good point. I had been thinking RR Cool J should get the nod, but he’s probably not ready yet either.

      I’d like to see how the spring goes (and find out if we’ll end up with Ben Freakin’ Sheets) but Marcum have to start opening day.


      I wish we had a manager that I could believe wouldn’t ruin this guy’s reconstructed arm.

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