As the heel turns

My job can at times be very stressful. To give my brain a rest, I sometimes flip through the Sun on my break because, really, that rag doesn’t require much mental energy.

Yesterday was different though. Scanning the Sun on my break, I came across Ken Fidlin’s story about Cito Gaston and the beginning of the end for him as manager of the Jays. The story made my brain ramp up a gear or two, not because it was well done, but because of some of the things The Cito is quoted as saying.

(GRAPHICAL INTERLUDE: Did you know that if you do a google image search for “ctio gaston” the first result is very NSFW? Well, now you do. And yeah, it’s at this point in writing the post that I decided I should include a picture. Behind the scenes!)

After a bunch of sentimental crap about how this is Cito’s last year running a team, Fidlin addresses the “mutiny” from the end of last season. Cito blames J.P. Ricciardi (but not by name) for the whole situation and then drops this line:

“You can never make everybody happy. You’re not going to get everybody to like you. Do you think everybody in their clubhouses likes (Tony) La Russa? Or (Lou) Piniella?”

Call me crazy, but I thought the big thing about Cito is that he can relate to the players and he “treats them like he’d want to be treated.” You’d think somebody with that kind of approach would win over the players and be loved by all.

And yeah, I know that none of that is new. But what is new, apparently, is the fact Cito’s embracing the role of the villain now. Seriously, comparing himself to Piniella? Yikes.

This whole victory lap of Cito’s is looking more and more like a drawn-out wrestling story arch: Former champion makes triumphant return (end of the ’08 season and beginning of ’09); starts running into problems because he can’t hack it anymore (middle of ’09); starts aggravating people through his sheer ineptitude (see reactions of knowledgeable fans and some players at the end of ’09); and now he’s embracing his new-found role as a heel (comparing himself to Piniella).

All we need now is really crazy shit. Maybe something like using Accardo as a starter.

But really, I’d rather just see him hit someone with a steel chair.

1 thought on “As the heel turns

  1. Almost makes me want to see the Jays bring Hillenbrand and Lilly back. And given the state of the pitching, Lilly wouldn’t be a bad pickup

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