Happy actual birthday, Chris!

Since it’s a bit of a faux pas to promote one’s own birthday, I’ll pop in with my bimonthly post to pimp the fact that the engine of Infield Fly, Chris, has a birthday today. So if all y’all appreciate the way he’s built up this site from humble beginnings to the burgeoning baseball behemoth it is today, then… I dunno, leave him a heartwarming message or something.

Now back to your originally scheduled programming.

5 thoughts on “Happy actual birthday, Chris!

    • Although I don’t know him, I’m sure Sid the Kid heard that it was my birthday and decided he couldn’t disappoint a fellow Nova Scotian on his birthday. That’s why he’s the best.

      Thanks, Ian!

      • Thanks so much for the birthday wieshs dear sister in Christ (and the slap in the face on my pity party… a;lsdka;sdlkjf). Oh, and you read my post wrong… my hubby was gone last year… he’s here today, and my sweet sister-in-law is having the kids spend the night (I have to pick up the one year old), so please pray that the others will be fine (4.G.5 had a hard time last time she stayed over… daddy’s girl). Thanks again sweetie!Blessings,Amy

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