Putting the scouts to the test

Whatever you think of Rod Barajas stats-wise, you can’t argue that he seems like a good guy (unless you actually know him, I guess. I do not know him.) That’s why I’m happy to see that he’s finally caught on with another big league team. Like most who struggled a bit in the American League, I think he’ll do pretty well in the National.

For Jays fans, a happy consequence of the Barajas signing is that Toronto will get yet another pick in the 2010. In fact, the Jays are set to get a quite a few picks early on in said draft. According to the YES Network’s official blog, Toronto gets 10 of the first 126 picks. Those are picks are as follows:

11. Blue Jays
34. Blue Jays (for Type-A Marco Scutaro)
38. Blue Jays (for failure to sign ‘09 sandwich rounder James Paxton)
41. Blue Jays (for Type-B Rod Barajas)
61. Blue Jays
69. Blue Jays (for failure to sign ‘09 second rounder Jake Eliopoulos)
80. Blue Jays (from Red Sox for Type-A Marco Scutaro)
93. Blue Jays
113. Blue Jays (for failure to sign ‘09 third rounder Jake Barrett)
126. Blue Jays

I know we’re looking at a few years down the road before the success of this draft can even begin to be determined, but Anthopoulos’ scouts have their work cut out for them right off the bat.

Pepper (Does that work here?)

In a move that should surprise no one, J.P. Ricciardi is joining ESPN.

In news that may surprise some, no Toronto prospects — not even the ones the team got in return for Doc — managed to crack Baseball America’s Top 20.

On the team’s depth chart, Bluejays.com has already anointed Kevin Gregg as the team’s closer.

Oh my gawd! That’s Brad Wilkerson’s music! Thankfully, it’s coming from Philadelphia, not Toronto.

Some joker at NESN implies that losing “valuable clubhouse influence” Kevin Millar somehow hurts the Jays this year.

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