The Dog

If I was put into a situation in which I was in charge of a Major League team and I was assigned the task of rebuilding said squad, my first priority would be to flood the Caribbean islands that matter with scouts and sign up as many good players as I can. This is partly because I think it’s a much quicker route to building a team than relying totally on the draft and trades and partly because I have this preconception that, in addition to be being good players, Caribbeans are also ridiculously entertaining while making their good plays. (Apparently I’m not alone in this view.)

So that’s why I was pretty freaking excited when I heard that the Jays have signed — and yeah, I know it’s not official yet — Adeiny Hechavarria.

I had never heard the name before before, but that doesn’t matter. Dude’s got all the hallmarks of being a potentially great Caribbean player:

  • Played internationally for Cuba? Check.
  • Ages listed as somewhere between 19 and 21? Check.
  • Excellent nickname? Double check.

Yes, according to the Orange County Register’s Angels Blog, Hechavarria is also known as El Perro. My Spanish teacher tells me that means The Dog. Maybe it’s because I’m a dog guy, but I love that nickname. El Perro. Beautiful.

Or maybe I love the nickname because it means I won’t have to memorize all the different spellings of his name. According to that same Angels Blog, “you might occasionally see listed as Echevarria, or Hechavarria, or Hechevarria, or Adeiny Hechavarría Barrera.” That’s a bit much. El Perro it is.

Team El Perro up with Adam (Sleepy) Lind, Marc (Scrabble) Rzepczynski and V-Dub (yeah, I went there) and you’ve got the solid core of the all-nickname team. That’s important because, hey, if you’re not going to compete, you can at least be fun to talk about.

And for the link and the video that is on every single Blue Jays blog in the world right now

At the 4:58 mark of the above video, El Perro makes a pretty sweet defensive play. If you want more, a rough scouting report can be found here along with more video — including one of El Perro smacking a triple. I love that one because his helmet flies off before he rounds first and I’m a sucker for that kind of crap.

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