Momma said knock you out

Dominating. Ricky Romero was simply dominating against the Pale Hose tonight. After the kick in the nuts that was attending the Home Opener, I’m glad I hauled myself down to the Dome to see RR Cool Jay throw eight innings of one hitter.

There’s a lot to be said for screaming fastballs, hammer curves and wicked sliders, but my favourite kind of pitcher to watch is one who makes hitters look foolish with a beautiful changeup. That’s why I love Shaun Marcum, and that’s why I love Romero.

Nothing deep to add right now, just a few thoughts:

• Alex Rios. WTF. Are very loud boos all you need to produce like you’re capable of doing?
• Vernon Wells: I know it’s early, but my hope that you’re really back grows almost daily. Keep it up, sir. It makes me happy that you’re being cheered at the Dome now. I can’t imagine how much better that feels for you than the treatment you received last year.
• You’re growing on me, John Buck. I do not expect this to last, but I plan on enjoying it while I can.
• Watching A.J. Pierzynski, I found myself wishing Michael Barret was still a Blue Jay.

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