Venezuela’s vegetation god

The above is a clip of Adonis Cardona, a 17-year-old Venezuelan that the Blue Jays are reportedly close to signing.

Being a Venezuelan, Cardona is not draft-eligible so he’s basically going to end up with the highest-team (or the team that best convince him they can offer him more than money. Ha.)

Much like when word spread that the Torontos were pursuing Adeiny (El Perro) Hechavarria, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of info on the internets about this kid. Guess we gotta trust Anthopoulos and his army of scouts on this one, too. Something which I am more than comfortable to do. Long live The Plan!

Here’s the one other thing I could find (after an admittedly short search) on Cardona. It’s even shorter than the video posted above!

Quicker than something that’s quick

  • Johnny Mac: Prime Minister of Emergency Backup Catchers
  • Appealing to my inner punk, GROF puts Doc’s return in perspective
  • In case you were wondering, this really does work

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