Rogers does something right for once

Last week, Sportsnet acquired the TV rights to the rest of the Jays games this season from TSN in exchange for the rights to Sunday Night Baseball.

Sportsnet’s got a history of screwing Jays fans by hiding the games on the Rogers Preview Channel. The network also seemingly likes to sometimes add a little spice to the screwing by running games on only one of their four networks, so those who don’t purchase the full Rogers cable package can’t watch the games.

While that might be one way for Rogers Broadcasting to earn a little more money, that money came at the expense of Rogers Baseball Operations.

As a person who’s only got basic cable — meaning the only Sportsnet I get is the Ontario channel and I do not have access to the Preview channel — I’ve been burned a number of times by the idiocy. It sucks. I know firsthand.

But last night I stumbled across a glorious little blurb of an article on The Star’s website. It’s the kind of news that Jays fans have been waiting for for a very, very long time:

Only two more games, after Monday night’s opener against the Twins, will be shuffled off to the preview channels: Wednesday night’s game in Seattle and Friday night’s in Arizona.

After that, all Jays games will be on the flagship Sportsnet channel 22.

Hallelujah! Our prayers have been answered!

Those two games that are being moved, in case anyone’s curious, are being moved because of the Memorial Cup. You could argue the merits of that decision, but it’s really a small price to pay to know that for the next four-plus months Jays fans won’t have to worry about looking for low-quality P2P feeds of the game.

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