Chicks dig the long ball. I am not a chick.

Over the last five games, the Blue Jays have posted a record of 2-3. Not bad considering they’ve all been road games and 3 of those 5 were interleague games — and we all know who the Jays have done over the years in interleague play.

Totally an unremarkable stretch of games, except for one thing: Over those 5 games, the Jays have hit 13 home runs. And in one of those games — a game they won, by the way — they didn’t hit any. So essentially, over the course of four games, the Toronto Blue Jays hit 13 home runs and posted a 1-3 record.

A small sample size, sure. But wouldn’t you expect a team showing that much power to win at least 2 of those games? Maybe it was a streak of bad luck. Maybe the pitching or defence failed the team.

Maybe those things are true. But that’s not what I want to talk about here. What I want to talk about is the fact that the Jays have the third worst OBP in the American League.

The lineup from top to bottom is hacking away at nearly everything. This approach seems to be working in terms of hitting for power, but it’s not helping them get on base.

Those 13 home runs in the last five games? 10 of them have been solo shots. If even 4 of those came with at least one man on, the Jays win at least one more game.

Sure it’s fun to watch dudes mash dingers all night long, but the fun fades away pretty fast when it’s an endless parade of solo shots ending in a loss.

That game in which the Jays didn’t hit a home run, they won it 6-0. They only got 6 hits, but they drew 8 walks. The other four games, the Torontos drew a total of 4 walks.

If there’s anybody left who doubts just how much more valuable OBP is than SLG, these last five games should set you straight.

6 thoughts on “Chicks dig the long ball. I am not a chick.

  1. Those home runs are great eye candy, but this current road swing is especially worrisome when it comes to getting guys on base.

    I realize it’s easy to say this in hindsight, but what if a couple of those solo home runs were turned into 2 or 3-run jacks? Maybe the Jays would be 3-2 or 4-1.

    I’m all for hacking away, but it seems like the coaching staff needs to start preaching more patience to the lineup.

    • I’m with you, Ian. I don’t think the team needs a complete overhaul in its approach, but a slightly more balanced attack would be a very welcome thing.

      Don’t hold your breath for that though.

  2. BTW, the line “chicks dig the log ball” is horseshit. Every female fan I know gets turned on by great pitching, including myself.

  3. I’m with you regarding OBP, but for now they are 27-22 with an almost all rookie rotation and first and second base producing almost no offence at all. Homeruns are obviously helping in the overall picture…

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