Ballots for Bautista

I generally do not care for all-star games. I find them to be a meaningless popularity contest that most players don’t seem to care about winning.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t watch the game. And that doesn’t mean I don’t want to see some deserving Blue Jays take part in the game.

Leading MLB in home runs, perhaps no Blue Jay is more deserving of a trip to the All-Star Game than Jose Bautista. Because he’s not a marquee name and because he plays in Toronto, getting voted into the game will be next to impossible for JoBau.

Ian (Blue Jay) Hunter, founder of the Bautista Appreciation Society, wants to change that. He’s launched a new site for the express purpose of getting Bautista voted into the All-Star Game.

If you want to help get Bautista onto the A.L. squad, check out Ballots for Bautista, follow @BallotsBautista on Twitter and, most importantly, vote for the man.

A word on voting strategy: It doesn’t really matter what you do anywhere else on your ballot, but voting for anybody other than Bautista in the A.L. outfield will hinder his chances of making it. Let’s say you decide to vote for J.D. Drew and Alex Rios in addition to Bautista — because who’s going to vote for those doofuses? — and then Rios ends up finishing one vote ahead of Bautista, you’re going to feel like a dick.

7 thoughts on “Ballots for Bautista

  1. Thanks for helping spread the word, Chris. It’s very much appreciated. At the least, Bautista better get in there to hit in the Home Run Derby.

  2. I have a question… do you REALLY think Bautista is one of the three best outfielders in the AL?

    Or do you not think that is the way to vote?

    • Bautista is leading the A.L. in home runs and is fifth in OPS (first among outfielders) so offensively speaking, yes, so far this season, Bautista has been at least one of the best three outfielders in the American League. His defence is none too shabby either.

      The problem is that not everybody defines best in the same way. And even among those who do, they don’t always agree on who should be in the All-Star Game. Do you reward the guy who’s having a great season right now or do you reward someone for their career achievements?

      Problems like these are a big part of why I can’t get heavily invested in the game. But, as I said in the post, I will watch and I do hope the Jays have a good representative there. I can think of none better than Bautista right now.

      How do you approach who should be in the game?

      • Oh, I’m not arguing with you. I just wanted to be clear.

        I don’t think he is one of the top 3, but I DO think he is doing well enough that he should be on the team.

        • Fair enough. The All-Star Game is all about subjectivity, so there’s no really no wrong answers when it comes to team composition.

          Out of curiosity, who would you start in the outfield?

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