Missing the Doc? Nope.

I had always thought of myself as a complete baseball fan. By that I mean a fan who enjoyed all parts of the game equally. Since I started this blog, I’ve come to realize that’s not quite true.

Sure I enjoy when the Jays put on an offensive blitz, but offence (unless it’s in the style provided by Ichiro) is not what turns my crank. Turns out I’m more of a pitching guy.

As such, I was pretty disappointed when Doc was traded. It’s not often you get to watch the best pitcher in baseball throw for your favourite team every five days.

I was again disappointed when the Phillies series was moved to Philadelphia. I had been hoping to see Doc pitch once again — so much so that I flirted with the idea of making a trip to Philly for the series.

That didn’t last very long though.

I’ve got a Toronto Star Season Pass this year. As such, the team sent me three vouchers for best available seats to any game this season as a way of making good for moving the Philly series. Last weekend when the Giants were in town, I got to sit in some pretty great seats and watch Jesse Litsch and Matt Cain engage in an excellent pitcher’s duel.

I loved it. And seeing it up close was only possible because I won’t get the chance to see Doc pitch in Toronto this year. I’m cool with that. I’ve seen Doc pitch a number of times. I’ve never seen Cain live before, and may never again. It was a treat.

And now tonight, as a great number of Jays fans everywhere will be sobbing their way through the game not sure what they want to happen, I’ll be out with my friends drinking and trying to not get arrested for not showing my papers.

Don’t get me wrong. I like Doc. I wish him the best. I may even sneak a look at a TV if I end up in a bar that’s showing the game (HA!) but I’m not going to stress about it.

Doc wanted to leave. It’s time to move on. I wish it hadn’t taken me this long to come to be finally over it, but I hope the game tonight provides closure for those of you who aren’t there yet.

1 thought on “Missing the Doc? Nope.

  1. Glad you’re coming to grips with your “Doc” separation anxiety. Don’t be discouraged if you end up having some backslides.

    Moving on, you beat us today and in the pennant race league you’re in 4th Place, but still only 4 1/2 games behind New York. You have a chance to make it 2 1/2 if you sweep; and Minnesota takes care of Tampa Bay.

    On the other hand, you started out the day only 1/2 game ahead of Detroit and 1 ahead of Kansas City, who are in 5th and 6th Place respectively. I don’t know how you would feel, but I also root for the Mets; and it made a difference to me that they didn’t make the 1st Tier last year. I’m rooting for them to crack it this year. Sort of gives a fan something else to root for during a season that doesn’t lead to the play-offs. If you make the Ist Tier you get to play the other divisions 1st Tier next season.

    With pennant races and tier chases we can do very well without the inferior wild card. I think its also an incentive for teams to hold on to what they have, because if they continually break down teams it will actually take them longer for a chance at the post-season.

    Catch you later.

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