Alex Rios v2.0?

I’ve been working on a post about how I’m ready for the trades to begin. About how I’m ready for the roster to turn over, for the team to officially give up the chase for the playoffs this year and start really rebuilding.

I was hoping the Jays would move people like Bautista, Buck, Overbay and Gonzalez.

Especially Gonzalez.

Nothing against him personally, it’s just that I was hoping to see Johnny Mac on a daily basis again.

Well, I got my wish. Alex Gonzalez is gone. But, just like wishes granted that wish-granting monkey claw, the wish backfired. Johnny Mac isn’t going to get the daily start at shortstop.

Yunel Escobar is coming back. Not having more than basic cable means I don’t watch the ridiculously high amount of Braves games that I used to, so I don’t know much about him at all. General consensus seems to be that the Braves are selling low; that Escobar’s got a ton of talent — at the plate and in the field — but that he’s just having an off year.

Escobar’s also got the reputation of being a space cadet.

Alex Rios v2.0? If Toronto is to Escobar as Chicago is to Rios, I think we can all be pretty happy with this trade. (Except that we’re not going to see Johnny Mac on a daily basis.)

There were more parts to the trade!

Tim Collins is gone. The other two guys, I don’t really care about. I am sad to lose this great story though.

Collinsecum!!!1 no more.

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