About last night

Photo courtesy of Cubby-Blue by Tim Souers

Photo courtesy of Cubby-Blue by Tim Souers

Sure, the fashionable thing to do today is to blame the Jays as a team for blowing the game against the Royals last night. Toronto ran the bases like a pack of idiots, made questionable defensive decisions and the pitchers weren’t all that good either, so you can’t blame the loss on Kevin Gregg.

All of those things may be true, but I still blame Gregg.

And Cito.

Look, maybe the Blue Jays deserved to lose last night. But the fact is that they had the lead in the bottom of the 10th. Today, people seem happy to say “they deserved to lose!” but if the Jays hold on last night, today everybody’s saying “sometimes you need to win ugly. That’s the mark of a good team. This bodes well for the future!!1”

Anyway, the point is this: The Jays had the lead and 3G blew it. Uncle B.J.’s Wild Ride is only fun when the cars don’t come completely flying off the tracks.

Gregg couldn’t even hold on to the closer’s job last year IN THE NL CENTRAL. If Drew’s crystal ball is seeing things clearly, and I have no reason to believe it’s not, Cito needs to remove Gregg from the closer’s role about two months ago.

On the Yunibomber

Quoth Mike Wilner:

In the 7th, with two out and the tying run on third, Jason Kendall hit a ground ball into the 5-6 hole, past a diving Edwin Encarnacion.  YEscobar was there backing up, but for some reason he bare-handed the ball, again didn’t get much on the throw and again bounced it – but this time Overbay couldn’t make the scoop and the tying run scored.  If Escobar catches the ball with his glove, then he gets a better grip and has plenty of time to make a good, strong throw – the inning is over with the Jays leading 3-2.  Does that mean they win?  Not necessarily, because then Gregg comes in in the 9th instead of the 10th and who knows what happens, but Escobar needs to learn to make the safe, routine play when the razzle-dazzle isn’t necessary.

Normally I’m right there, nodding along to whatever Wilner’s on about. But this is different. I’ve watched this specific play about a dozen times now and, for the life of me, I cannot see how “making the safe play” leads to Yuni throwing out Kendall on this play. Escobar barehanded the ball because it was the only way he had a chance of making a play.

Seriously, watch the video. If Yuni gloves the ball and then has to transfer it to his throwing hand, does he come close to having a shot at the out?

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