When Jerry Howarth and Alan Ashby make a point about the Blue Jays, it almost always makes sense. Last night though, sometime after Edwin (E5) Encarnacion threw the game away, the pair had a discussion about E5 and his bat that left me scratching my head.

I’m not going to go back and transcribe the conversation, but they basically said E5 should be considered for Toronto’s DH role next year.

I guess from a certain standpoint, I can understand it. E5’s defence is horrid, so you don’t want him in the field every day (unless your name is Cito) and his bat definitely has some potential, so why not give him a shot at letting the bat develop?

To me, the answer is simple: Money.

Encarnacion is arbitration-eligible this year. He’s taking home $4.75 million in 2010. The absolute minimum that a player can get out of arbitration is 80% of their current salary, so the best case scenario for the Jays in an arbitration hearing would see them pay $3.8 million to take a chance on E5’s bat in 2011.

That’s a pretty expensive gamble, especially on a guy who’s currently rocking an OPS of .768.

I think E5 could be a valuable piece as a bench player. His defence wouldn’t hurt the team on a daily basis and his bat coming around wouldn’t be a daily gamble. But $3.8 million is awfully expensive for a bench player, and I can’t see E5’s agent allowing him to agree to a significant pay cut outside of arbitration.

10 thoughts on “E5

  1. I’d like to see EE back next year, but only if he DH’s (in the 8 or 9 spot), and if it’s at 4 million or less. I know his career OPS is higher than Aaron Hill’s, but EE doesn’t really seem to add anything to this team. His rare offensive contributions don’t really make up for his defensive shortcomings.

    • I hear you, Ian. I’d rather not see Encarnacion DH though. His offensive contributions are, as you say, rare. I’d rather see the team take a chance on a big bat at DH — Manny would be a fun addition to the team, wouldn’t he?

    • Let’s play some Jeopardy.Answer: John Sciambi and Doug GlanvilleCorrect Question: What was the first broadcast team to jlitnoy call an MLB game (ESPN Radio 7/4 ATL vs. CO) that previously appeared as guests of the Brotherly Glove Roundtable.This is not necessarily true, but why let the truth interfere with a helluva comment on the quality of guests that have appeared on The Brotherly Glove Roundtable. Let alone after scant months on the net.Elsewhere in sports, in case you missed it, Shane is Philly bound to have his thumb checked. Travellin’ John Mayberry heads to Florida to suck up roster space.Ryan Howard is 12-24 lifetime against tonight’s victim, Chris Volstad.If Vegas wanted to get creative, they’d mandate players taking the Phils tonight to take the Fish tomorrow. The outcomes of these 2 games seem too predictable, especially with the heart driven Fightin’ Phils not caring if Walter Denton True Seaver is pitching. Wasn’t aware of this, so I’ll pass it on in case anyone else was vague on it, the 3 option thing pertains to years, not times optioned. So a Vanimal can be back and forth endlessly this year, and would explain the Yankees fascination with Columbus several times through the years. David Hale of the Wilmington News Journal, with that simple explanation cleared me up on something I haven’t followed baseball long enough to know. 51 years, and still a learnin’ mode.

  2. I’m not sure in what day and age under $4 million is considered expensive in baseball, but it’s certainly not modern day baseball.

    I would disagree with you that that is a high price to pay, although I would also say I don’t think he is necessarily a starter on a contending team (at least at this point).

    I’d like to see them go after a big name free agent DH bat in the offseason, which would obviously cost a lot more than $4 million.

    But wait, who is supposed to be playing third next year? I am assuming Jerry and Alan are speaking under the assumption the Jays get a FA 3B? Or… Brad Emaus?

    • I don’t recall any specifics on who they were thinking to play third next year. I’m guessing I was under the assumption that they meant Bautista (with Carl Crawford taking his place in the outfield, of course!)

      And I hear what you’re saying about $4 million not being expensive, but when you put it in context of his teammates, it is a bit out of whack. Looking at E5 as a virtual all-bat, no-glove player, his closest comparisons is Adam Lind.

      Lind’s set to make $5M next year — and that’s a contract signed in response to his mammoth 2009 season. Surely Lind’s worth more than $1M more than E5?

  3. If EE is on the team next year it will be proof that they are not trying to compete.

    The easiest place for the team to upgrade is EE. Overbay is out, put Lind at first and Bautista at third. Then go and actually pay for an impact bat to DH.

  4. Everyone keeps suggesting Bautista at 3B … Does anyone else besides me not think it’s a huge waste of his talents to NOT have him and, the cannon he calls his right arm, in RF?

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