2010 Blue Jays roundtable: Introductions

Hey there! Enjoying the playoffs? How about that Halladay, eh? And Lincecum, he’s something else, isn’t he? Yeah, the playoffs have been pretty great so far. The only real problem with the playoffs is that the Jays aren’t part of them.

Well, if you’re a Jays fan looking for a diversion from the playoffs, you’ve come to the right place. It’s time again for the annual Infield Fly post-season roundtable in which I ask some questions that I and other (better known and more knowledgeable) people answer.

And the better known and more knowledgeable people taking part this year, in no particular order, are:

Drew: Proprietor of the always-entertaining nerditry and liberated fandom you can find at Ghostrunner on First, Drew can also be found contributing to Walkoff Walk and The Score’s new baseball blog, Getting Blanked. You should probably also follow him on Twitter.

Ian: This guy may be the hardest working man in the Blue Jays blogosphere. If you want to know what’s going on with bobblehead promotions or the facial hair developments of Jays players, The Blue Jay Hunter is the first place to go (oh, and the site’s pretty good for info on the game, too). Ian’s also the founder of the Bautista Appreciation Society, president of the Toronto chapter of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance and should really be followed by you on the Twitter.

Cole: Reporter and columnist for the largest newspaper in New Brunswick and probably the biggest Jays fan I know in the real life. Cole’s been a part of the panel since the beginning (before it was on this site, even). Despite living in New Brunswick, he attends more games in person each year than most people who live in Toronto.

Paul: You know how The Score does that Drafted show? I only have basic cable, so I wouldn’t know myself except that Paul Brothers won it last year. He’s a cool guy, he knows his stuff, he tweets AND he’s on TV, so everything he says is true.

And then there’s me:

Chris: I am a guy who does some things. One of those things is convincing the people listed above to write for my site — thanks, guys!

Now that that’s taken care of, we can get to the questions. But not right away. Posting all of this at once would make for one unbearably long post. So the answers will be divided up into three parts, the first of which will already likely be bumping this down the page by the time you’re reading it. If not, you’re awesome! Thanks for reading the blog at weird hours.

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