Don’t do it

Cliff Lee spurned the Yankees! The New Yorks pitching staff is weak and their position players are getting old! The time for the Jays to strike is now!


Sensing weakness in one of the teams the Jays have to overcome to make the playoffs, I can understand how it would be tempting for some to think that this is an opportunity for Toronto to go for it. Tempting, yes. Practical? No.

Alex Anthopoulos has a plan in place. The Plan. It’s pretty simple, really: Stock up on young talent to create sustained success down the road. He’s off to a good start and, with like a trillion picks in the first few rounds of the next draft, the farm could be turning into one of those mega Monsanto monster things pretty soon. Except, you know, not evil.

The Plan is in place and it’s a good thing. It shouldn’t be deviated from just because the Yankees lack a bit of depth in their starting rotation. Especially when you think about the other teams the Jays have to overcome. The Rays are weakened, but will still be a strong team. The Red Sox added Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez, the two best non-pitchers available this off-season.

In other words, if the Jays make a move to try and capitalize on how the Yankees are perceived to be slipping, there’s a decent chance they still end up missing the playoffs.

This is not the year. Let Snider develop. Let Arencibia learn how to catch in the bigs. Hope that Hill and Lind can find their swings again and that Lind can get his big-boy glove going at first base. Let Romero, Morrow, Cecil, Drabek and all the other pitchers develop some more.

Do all that for at least one year. If it works out, then I can get behind making some big signings and/or trades to go for a playoff spot.

And hey, if you wait a year, there might even be an extra playoff spot to help you get to the post-season.

2 thoughts on “Don’t do it

  1. Jeff Blair discussed this earlier today on the Fan, and I was tempted to buy into the theory that “this” is the window the Blue Jays are waiting for.

    Buuuut, after having some time to think about it, I agree that this is just not the time right now. The minor league studs aren’t quite ready yet … but a few years from is probably accurate.

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