Alomar’s in. Good for him.

Yesterday, Roberto Alomar was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. He’ll be the first Blue Jay enshrined in the Hall and probably the last for quite a while. Growing up, Alomar was one of my favourite players. His ALCS home run off Dennis Eckersley is one of my fondest memories of the early-90s Jays. Despite any number of shortcomings, I have no problem with the man. He really wanted into the Hall.

For all of those reasons and more, I should be happy that one of my childhood heroes is being recognized for his greatness — and that a player from the team I’ve followed since I learned what baseball is — is getting his well-deserved plaque, but I’m not.

It’s nice that Alomar is in, it really is.

I’m just having trouble getting worked up about a voting process that’s got no firm guidelines and voters who use their ballots to punish or reward people with little to no explanation. But it goes beyond that — even if there was reform to the Hall’s induction process, I’m not sure it would make any difference to me.

I disagree with the opinions of many members of the BBWAA on almost everything. Who they think should or shouldn’t have a plaque no longer means anything to me.

Yes, plaques are nice, but they’re not for me. A plaque in Cooperstown doesn’t hold nearly as much value to me as something like the following picture does:

1 thought on “Alomar’s in. Good for him.

  1. Roberto Alomar really did deserve the Hall of Fame and as a Toronto Blue Jays fans I’m so glad they put him in this year, especially with a close to unanimous vote. If the only thing stopping him was the spitting incident, which it seemed to be, then there should have been no reason for them to keep him out. I was also happy to see the steroid guys not receiving too much of the vote because I think there is a great difference between those guys and guys like Alomar with character issues. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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