Where’s the Blue?

The fine folks at Pitchers and Poets have put together a ranking of MLB teams’ 2011 caps. Where the Blue Jays might have placed on that list, I couldn’t have guessed.

The modern angry-bird-flying-out-of-half-of-a-J logo that the team adopted back in 2004 is not one of which I’m a fan. But the old school logo present on the alternate uniforms — the team’s original logo — is a classic. Perhaps the old logo could bump the Torontos up a few notches in the rankings.

So where did the Jays end up placing? 18th. I can wrap my head around that if the alternate cap is the main driver of the ranking.

So imagine my surprise when only the cap with the new logo was taken into consideration! Surely this must have been some kind of mistake.

So I took a little Internet voyage over to Chris Creamer’s site (if you ever have a question about a logo, uniform, whatever, his is the site to visit) and discovered that Toronto has retired the powder blues as an alternate uniform. The old logo has been relegated back to the dustbins deep in the bowels of the SkyDome.

I studied science. I believe in evolution. Technological advancement is not a bad thing. Advanced statistics are adding to the game of baseball, not taking away from it. Flashback Fridays were an awful promotion that deserved to be put out of their misery. Generally, I’m opposed to clinging to the past. I find that when people can’t let things go — especially mediocre things — it’s an indication that they have little to look forward to.

There are however certain instances when change is not for the better. The Blue Jays once again dumping the original logo is one of those instances. Seriously, which of the following do you prefer?


There’s no doubt in my mind which is preferable. The original is unique, full of character and provides the team and its fans with a real identity. Its replacement is, as Ted of Pitchers and Poets put it, “like an arena football logo.”

I do understand the “need” for teams to constantly tweak, update and change logos and uniforms to increase sales and generate revenue, but the Jays have stuck with their ugly new logo since 2004. Might be time for a change, eh?

8 thoughts on “Where’s the Blue?

  1. I’ve never really been a fan of the “new bird”. I like the alternate “T” logo cap, but not the bird above. Personally, I think they should just go back to the retro logos full time.

  2. I don’t mind the new logo, for serious. I don’t get all the passion for the old logo other than its connection to the good old days.

    I’ll turn in my fandom badge now.

  3. Have they definitely retired the powder blues this year? It seems unlikely. They used them at every getaway game last season and on “80’s Night”. Since they’ve got a 70’s Night and 80’s Night this season they’ll probably pop up at least twice. And maybe the 90’s style uniforms (the best ones) for 90’s Night too.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised to see the powder blues, or any other uniform from the Jays’ past, make an appearance this year. But I don’t expect them to be used on a regular basis as they have been in the last couple of years.

      There’s always a possibility I’m wrong, but the guys at Chris Creamer’s site are pretty thorough and I trust them on things like this.

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