Cheering for laundry

Anybody who’s met me will likely understand how laughable my commenting on fashion is yet, not that long ago, I did just that. Much like a guy walking around an art gallery loudly proclaiming “I don’t know from art, but I knows what I likes,” I recently voiced my displeasure with the Torontos’ current logo and uniform.

But, personal preference aside, fashion is an art. What’s considered “in” or “out” of fashion, what’s timeless? I don’t know. But I do know someone who does.

Emma Yardley is a fashion expert. Her work, as both a fashion writer and editor, has been featured in too many magazines and newspapers for me to list here. She’s on twitter and blogs about fashion. And she’s nice enough to rattle off a response when I ask her opinion on the “classic Jays uniform vs. modern Jays uniform” question.

I set up a couple of photo galleries, asked Emma for her for her thoughts on the two sets of uniforms and her response was pretty interesting:

There are very few rules in the fashion world. Fashion-forward people strive to break out of the boring everyday uniform and wear something that excites and interests the people around them. But if you’re on a baseball team, rather than Vogue’s editorial team, my advice is keep your clothes clean and classic.

Now maybe it’s childhood nostalgia from sorting through my brothers baseball cards or that I prefer realistic drawings to angry cartoon drawings, but the old Blue Jays uniform is by far the superior outfit. The typography is simple yet bold, the blue jay looks like a blue jay, and the colour palette is neutral and universally flattering.

The modern uniforms look, well, cheesy. While I do actually prefer the black, navy and slate grey (the classic uniforms should lose the red in my opinion), the lettering font is dated and no style-conscious person would ever put that on their body. It makes me ask, why did they change it in the first place?

I understand that redesigning a uniform is a way to create new revenue and drum up media interest for the team, but I’m not sure the modern uniforms would get the positive reaction they might have been looking for. A solution would be to combine the two looks into one cohesive design, taking the strengths from each and dropping the weak points, but that might just be a little too fashion forward.

So there we have it. An expert opinion. While I agree the old uniforms are superior, I don’t know how I feel about dropping the red — that’d drastically change the logo, and that’s my favourite part of the old uniform. But I’m not impartial. As much as I might argue against it, maybe it is nostalgia that keeps me clinging to the old unis.

Or, more likely, I have no fashion sense.

11 thoughts on “Cheering for laundry

  1. Chris, I’ve been thinking the same thing lately – that they should just go back to wearing the retro home/away uniforms. Wear the home whites and the away grey/blues 100 percent and just ditch the new logo altogether.

    • I’d love to see that, but maybe it’s too simple a solution. Maybe Emma’s right and we need some kind of hybrid of the old and the new…

      • Michael Posted on They were great. There was one gent who was dressed in the Admirals unrifom from the Motion Picture and this looked so good. I tried to look for him to get a picture but just couldn’t find him. Everyone put so much effort and love in to the unrifoms.

      • I don’t think Curt would have much of a shot winning any election. Is there anyone out there who actually likes him? For all he did for Boston, still every Boston fan I know doesn’t really like him, they just respond to questions with something like, well, I’m really happy for what he helped accomplish for us, but he should shut his mouth because he’s an idiot.As for Moose in Hall, I guess it makes sense that he not get in if we look at his peers who will be getting nominated around the same time- Maddux, Smoltz, Glavine, Randy Johnson, Clemens, Pedro. Those are all guys who were incredibly dominant. Moose, as great as he was, just wasn’t in that league. While I have never thought much of Glavine, he does have the magic number and that’s what counts to get him over the hump. As far as Moose playing on the Orioles in the 90s and Yankees in the 2000s, that’s true that that probably helped him get some wins, but it’s also true that pitching in the AL East probably took away it’s fair share of wins from him. Facing at various times the Sox, Yankees, Orioles, and Blue Jays is not an easy task- far more difficult than playing in other divisions. This is the premier offense division and probably always will be.Side note: if Moose shouldn’t get in before Blyleven- should Schilling get in before him? Or before Jack Morris for that matter? Schilling’s got the 3000+ strikeouts, but he doesn’t have the win total of Moose or Blyleven (who also has more Ks, as do Clemens, the Unit, Maddux, and Pedro). He also has the postseason record, making him similar to Morris. If you put those together does it make him Hall worthy? I don’t know. I think right now people think he and Moose should get in, but in five years from now, with some perspective, I think people will answer ‘no.’

  2. Drop the red from the old logo? Stitches on a baseball are red and a Canadian maple leaf is also red, silly E-Yard, you can’t just drop the red!

    Interesting post though Clements, I’d say this is pretty unique content when it comes to Jays’ blogs.

    Miss you E-Yard and Clements!

  3. Here is a hybrid logo, maybe let your fashionista critique it. I kind of like it – two different blues, sleek lines and stealth maple leaf in the plummage.

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