Hello! How are you? That’s good to hear. Me? Oh, I’m doing fine. What’s new? Well, two things, I guess.

First of all, and you probably know this already, I’ve changed the layout here. The old one seemed to be showing its age a bit so I’d spruce things up a bit.

But that’s almost entirely cosmetic.

The other change, that’s not so much cosmetic as it is qualitative: The blog’s got a new contributor.

Yes, I know he’s kind of already introduced himself, but I feel like a formal welcome is in order, so please, say “hi” to Cole, or, as he seems to be calling himself at the moment, chobs4.

He’s a good writer (he actually does it for a living) and he knows his baseball (plays and coaches) so I guess you can say I’m pretty lucky he’s here. He’s got a few interesting things planned, so I hope you enjoy his work.

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3 thoughts on “Housekeeping

  1. if there’s a way to have the entirety of your posts appear in google reader your subscribers would appreciate it. I only see a couple of lines and have to follow a link to read complete posts. Cheers!

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