Putting my money where my mouth is – stay hot, Jays!

A baseball betting experiment begins

So all preseason most every baseball publication or writer has been suggesting the Jays are likely to be cellar dwellers this season. At the same time, I have been fairly firm in my opinion that I think they are going to surprise people and could even improve on last year’s win total.

Well, it’s time to put my money where my mouth is.

I’m an occasional sports bettor, nothing serious, but I might throw $50 on an online sportsbook every once in a while and see if I can make a few bucks. It’s not a bad way to make games a little bit more interesting.

I have decided I am going to conduct a bit of a sports betting experiment this baseball season, showing faith in the Blue Jays.

I am going to bet on every single Blue Jays baseball game. All 162 of them.

And, of course, you may have surmised that I will be betting with the hometown squad. The thing about baseball is that each and every team is going to win about 70 games and they are going to lose about 70 games, so there will be plenty of peaks and valleys along the way. The important bit is what happens in those other 20 some odd games – and also how I do or don’t take advantage of seemingly favourable odds.

The end result of this experiment is likely to not be too much of a win or loss in one way or the other, but I am going to try to get creative and hope to maximize wins and minimize losses.

For example, the first game, I had a good feeling the Jays were going to light up Pavano (he never seems to do well at the Skydome), so I bet the Jays would win by three or more (which, for those unfamiliar with sports betting, obviously leads to a greater payout). That did in fact happen, giving me a good start to my challenge.

Thank you for getting lit up Carl, and for your horrid, horrid choice in facial hair.

In the second game I bet a good portion of those profits just on the Jays to win, and we were in business! I didn’t feel quite as good about the third matchup so the bet was smaller and low and behold they lost, wow, it hurts to be this brilliant.

I am going to be betting varying amounts, depending on how I feel about the matchup and the odds. Bets will be likely anywhere from $10 to $20 to high enough that my mother – who herself is a huge Jays fan and will assuredly be reading the blog – will lecture me about the dangers of gambling (Hi Mom!).

Wagers will also tend to higher if things are going well and there are profits, and will be smaller if I start to dip too far into the profits I’ve already made.

At any rate, I am not going to turn this site into a sports betting blog, so I will only be providing periodical updates on how things are going and what the total +/- is.

Alright Blue Jays, I’ve supported you through thick and thin for the entirety of my baseball-watching years, let’s go ahead and support me now with a great season.

Current tally: + $253.5.

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