Johnny Mac to Johnny Lack – Screw you.

Of course, John McDonald is a pure gentleman, so of course he didn’t actually tell John Lackey to screw off, but he assuredly spanked him with his bat tonight – collecting a homerun, double and 3 RBI’s in a 9-3 win – and he certainly has a case for telling him to screw off in the future.

I just caught Lackey’s post-game interview on Sportsnet and a reporter asked him what kind of approach he was taking with McDonald, noting something about how Francona had said Lackey had success against J-Mac in the past.

Of course, after starting the season 2-5 with an 8.01 ERA, it’s obviously time for Lackey to make disparaging comments about other major leaguers. Here was his response:

“Everyone’s had success with him (McDonald) in the past, let’s be honest. You can’t give up hits to … him when you have other guys in that lineup who can hurt you.”

I put that ellipsis in the quote not to denote that words are left out, but to indicate that Lackey took a long pause before saying “him” as if he was describing someone’s grade school little brother that all the big boys just let play in the game simply because they felt bad that he doesn’t have any friends. I may be exaggerating slightly, but I got massive douche chills when I heard him say it.

Now, I’ve said my share of negative things about Johnny Mac’s offensive prowess in the past, but I say those things as a fan and with still an overriding love and appreciation of what the Prime Minister of Defence brings to a baseball team.

Lackey could have taken the high road and said he made a bad pitch, or even gasp  given credit where it was due, instead he chose to yammer on about how he “doesn’t know what the hell happened out there” because he “threw the ball better than last time.” (Just to note, the line on the ‘last time’ he refers to was: 4 IP, 10 H, 8 ER .)

Is it really Lackey’s place to be taking post-game potshots at other players, much less players who just lit him up, when he has been nothing short of a complete failure all season?

Good god, Red Sox. You really don’t make it too difficult to hate you. I used to really like Lackey too back in his Anaheim days and he hadn’t yet reached the levels of disdain I have for other Boston players.

However, I can’t help but hope that should the Blue Jays have success against him later in the season and a reporter asks one of the players – bonus points if it’s Johnny Mac – what their key to victory was, they respond just the same way as he did:

“Well jeez, everyone has success against that guy. You can’t let that guy have a good start against you, when they have actual good pitchers on their team.”

I understand the pressure he must be under and I know what it’s like to go through a rough patch, as I (*not comparable to pressures of Major League Baseball alert*) struggled through an entire season one year where I hit under .200.

Still, during those struggles I wasn’t making pathetic bully-like comments about the opposition in an effort to make myself feel better about my own shittiness. The reporters probably know you didn’t have a good game, you don’t have to try to justify it by putting down other major leaguers.

Enjoy pitching your way out of your 8.01 ERA, John. Here in Blue Jay land we’re all very much pleased that our “ragtag” Johnny Mac was able to play a big part in prolonging your season of frustration.

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3 thoughts on “Johnny Mac to Johnny Lack – Screw you.

  1. Kudos to Johnny Mac!!! In spite of his offensive weaknesses, he deserves every great moment at bat, even if they are few and far between. Like every ball player, he wants a hit each and every time he’s at bat.

    How rude and unprofessional of Lackey.

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